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    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    Advice to avoid an air duct cleaning scam

    Everybody wants great service in a low cost, however when the cost is not high enough, your scam detector should start beeping.

    "You realize an offer to wash your ductwork for 50 to 60 dollars may not be that which you expect. Typically air-duct cleaning costs about 300 dollars and takes 2 to 4 hrs to accomplish," stated Angie's List founder, Angie Hicks.

    "It's just a bait-and-switch. They enter into the home and I will tell you precisely what they are going to let you know: they are likely to find mold and also the cost will move from $59 to $800 immediately," added Dave Adams, an expert air-duct cleaner.

    Mold scams are common. Unscrupulous contractors may even show you evidence they actually brought in themselves. Some come extra prepared.

    "They'll say it's not safe to stay in the home. I've even seen it where they actually carry coupons for hotels so that they tell them to leave the house. Very, very rarely, if ever, does a family need to leave the house if there is a little bit of mold found inside the air ducts," Adams said.

    Hicks states to prevent anybody who pressures you into immediate action and to consider someone certified through the National Air-duct Cleaners Association. A great contractor will gladly demonstrate the finished work, even what's been removed. That's visual evidence you can rely on.

    "If someone tries to scare you, then please ask them to leave," advised Adams. "What I tell people is, 'There's enough mold in this world for me to make a living. I don't need to scare anyone and I don't need to lie to anyone.'"

    Hicks recommends having your ducts cleaned every three to five years if you're in a smoke-free, pet-free home. Allergy sufferers should consider a cleaning every one to three years. If you're having remodeling work done, make sure your contractor properly protects the duct work so the dust and debris doesn't get sucked in and spread throughout your home.

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    6 Signs You're Being Scammed:
    1. Low-low price
    2. Immediate upsell due to existing danger
    3. Too short a work day
    4. Warning to leave now or mold will harm you
    5. Pressure to do work right now
    6. No credentials

    3 Air Duct Cleaning Scams To Watch Out For:

    1. Bait and switch
    You are offered an amazing coupon deal over the phone and schedule for them to come to your house. But, once in your home, they will perform minimal work and continue to offer you upgrades to the service for additional fees. Unfortunately, even if you give in to their schemes and buy all the upsells, you are still not going to get a good job done.

    2. Quick and dirty
    Companies offering cheap coupons will schedule plan to a lot of homes each day to make up for his or her cheap prices. The operation includes pretending to wash the environment ducts for any brief while after which rapidly proceed to the following appointment, only cleaning what you could see. There's no deep cleaning and thus conditions is going to be left worse than ever before simply because they pressed the dust further to hard to achieve regions of the body, that will then remain unclean and recirculate dust and microbes in mid-air you breathe.

    3. Mold Inspection
    You see a great coupon offer. You call, they confirm the offer and you schedule a visit. But once in your house, they will "inspect" for mold, and they always find it. Now, the job will cost hundreds more because of it! From the start they had no intentions of actually cleaning any air ducts for that low price as they wouldn't survive as a company on those fees. So they always find mold, even if you don't have any so they can up the price. They will even bring it with them or use fake tests to convince you.

    Main point here, Angie's List states real air-duct cleaning isn't as cheap since you may see in certain coupon offers. The trustworthy companies seem more costly initially, but they're supplying a genuine cost for honest work. A budget coupons end up being the most costly in the finish and regardless of how much spent in it, you'll still will not obtain a good task finished. So it's always worthwhile to research your options when getting a duct cleaning professional. Don't hire a roofer that hides its address and make certain they're NADCA certified.

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