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    Monday, October 29, 2018

    Is HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

    A well known Heating and cooling "maintenance" item that tends to obtain a large amount of attention is duct cleaning. It appears just like a logical maintenance activity, but washing the ductwork inside your home’s Heating and cooling system might not be nearly as good a concept because it without effort appears. Let us explore a few of the issues.
    • Do ducts get dusty? Yes.
    • Is the fact that normal? Yes.
    • In the event you regularly clean your ductwork? No.

    Why Routine Heating and cooling Duct Cleaning Is not Needed

    Unlike dryer duct cleaning which needs to be regularly checked and cleaned, no independent objective organization recommends Heating and cooling duct cleaning as a crucial part of routine Heating and cooling system maintenance.

    Actually, the Ecological Protection Agency states the “EPA doesn't suggest that ductwork be cleaned except with an as-needed basis due to the ongoing uncertainty about the advantages of duct cleaning under most conditions.”

    Additionally, it states, “Duct cleaning has not been proven to really prevent health issues. Neither do studies conclusively show particle (e.g., dust) levels in homes increase due to dirty ductwork. It is because a lot of the dirt in ductwork adheres to duct surfaces and doesn't always go into the living area.”

    Duct cleaning is not always an awful idea, but the truth is you no longer need generally. When correctly performed, duct cleaning could be helpful in limited situations, for example when the ducts are filthy or infested with rodents or any other vermin. If you notice proof of significant visible mold development in the ducts or around the mechanical aspects of the Heating and cooling system that are exposed to air. that could be reason for cleaning. But cleaning normally dusty ducts provides no real value.

    Frightening “before” and “after” duct photos could make great discount coupon photos but odds are rare that the ducts have been in bad shape. In case your ducts are seriously filthy enough to want so that it is cleaned, then you need to clean the whole Heating and cooling system (more about that later), not only the ducts themselves.

    How Duct Cleaning Is Conducted

    Please realize that duct cleaning uses specialized tools to agitate and dislodge dirt within the ducts to help make the dirt along with other contaminants more and more loose and airborne prior to being vacuumed out. Sometimes the ducts are cut for tool access and must be carefully resealed. A effective vacuum product is accustomed to take away the loosened dirt and contaminants. If this isn't done correctly that you can do more damage than good.

    For instance, when the vacuum hose/fence isn't sealed tightly and it is exhausting contaminants towards the outdoors, or maybe a HEPA filtration sits dormant within an interior vacuum system, you are able to find yourself releasing dirt and contaminants to your home’s interior. Included in the duct cleaning process, your ducts might have service holes reduce it for tool or vacuum hose access that won't be correctly sealed after use. Or, Heating and cooling system components might be separated and broken or otherwise reinstalled correctly, and so forth.

    How you can Minimize Risk If You Are Planning to possess Your Heating and cooling System Cleaned

    Begin by selecting and taking advantage of a professional contractor. Duct and Heating and cooling system cleaning that's done by a somebody that is trained and licensed through the National Air-duct Cleaning Association (NADCA)has got the best possibility of being carried out securely.

    Based on NADCA, the main trade association for contractors doing air-duct/Heating and cooling system cleaning, its people must have a minumum of one certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) within the company and they're responsible to wash and restore a customer’s Heating and cooling system compliance using the association’s standards and guidelines.

    Obviously, NADCA certification isn't any guarantee of the problem free experience, however it does a minimum of enhance your chances.

    Duct Cleaning versus. Heating and cooling System Cleaning

    Area of the confusion surrounding duct cleaning services is the fact that duct cleaning is frequently incorporated as part of a general Heating and cooling system cleaning. Ought to be fact, since the only time cleaning your ducts is needed is when they're contaminated, the result is that if you want to clean the ducts, you will want to wash the whole Heating and cooling system that touches the environment moving with the ducts. That's the philosophy taken by NADCA.

    NADCA recommends duct cleaning included in a general Heating and cooling system cleaning which includes cleaning and replacing the environment filter, cleaning grilles and diffusers, checking drain pans and drain lines for correct drainage, examining the heat exchanger and cooling coils, grills, furnace air plenum, blower motor, etc. They offer a helpful listing for residential people who explains their suggested process in greater detail.

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    Items to become Covered in Heating and cooling Cleaning Service

    Based on NADCA the next products ought to be covered inside a Heating and cooling cleaning service:

    Heating and cooling Ducts

    • Clean primary supply duct and branch distribution ducts.
    • Clean return ductwork.
    • Seal all installation access panels in ducts (when needed for tool access) based on NADCA standards.

    Grills and Diffusers

    • Remove and visibly clean supply registers and return air grilles.

    Furnace Plenums

    • Clean furnace supply air plenum and return air plenum.

    Furnace Components

    • Clean furnace heat exchanger.
    • Remove, neat and reinstall blower motor housing & set up.
    • Check humidifier media and drain pan.
    • Clean evaporator coil, drain, and pan drain.
    • Ensure cooling coil is visibly neat and drain pan is neat and draining correctly.

    Furnace Air Conditioning Filter

    • Replace air conditioning filter or wash permanent media air conditioning filter.

    Be ready to pay around $500 to $1,000 for any professional duct/Heating and cooling system cleaning service. It may be pretty much with respect to the location, size of your house, and scope of what's cleaned. It'll usually take two technicians three to five hrs to wash the ducts and also the Heating and cooling system.

    Duct Cleaning Scams

    Problems emerge when duct cleaning isn't performed correctly. And never being performed correctly frequently is a result of hiring somebody that promises to provide you with an inexpensive $50 “whole house special” or constitutes a sales hype according to broad generalized claims on the health advantages of duct cleaning. Some might even falsely tell you they are certified through the Ecological Protection Agency (Environmental protection agency), that the Environmental protection agency doesn't provide, or they might state that the Environmental protection agency recommends duct cleaning, so it again doesn't recommend.

    Be familiar with what is called “blow-and-go” salesmen who pose as “contractors” frequently present in mail-pack coupons. They often accompany a deal to evaluate or clean your home’s ducts for any inexpensive cost, say $49.95 or perhaps less. Because they frequently focus on commission, they'll try high-pressure sales strategies to sell yourself on costly add-on services (mold testing, etc) or any other service upgrades. They might attempt to charge for duct restoration, branch duct cleaning, etc. Some might even falsely claim they found mold inside your ducts. Complaints abound about some unscrupulous “blow-and-go” companies using air fragrances, false mold tests showing good results, handheld dust-buster vacuums, simple drills with brushes, etc.

    The allure of the low cost could be attractive, but perform the math before you decide to surrender to temptation. Would two truly qualified service technicians having a truck and proper equipment service your ducts and Heating and cooling system for 4 hrs in return for $50? Unlikely.

    The Conclusion

    Duct cleaning is frequently a psychological sell. You would like good quality of air for your family, so washing the ducts in your house appears to create sense. Some marketing photos of dirty ducts look pretty frightening. But in fact ducts only must be cleaned in rare times when there's serious contamination. In individuals cases, the whole Heating and cooling system ought to be cleaned, not only the ducts.

    Duct cleaning is simple to complete incorrectly, and that's in which the risk lies. Hiring the incorrect contractor can perform more damage than good. When correctly done by a professional specialist, Heating and cooling system cleaning, including duct cleaning, is not proven to become harmful. Again, though, that’s if it's done properly by an authorized specialist with the proper equipment and training.

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