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    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning an Air Duct

    Follow these steps to clean an air duct yourself :

    1. Cover the nice and cozy air supply registers by removing them, wrapping sponges around them after which re-setting them up. This prevents the dust and dirt from entering the area, while cleaning within the ducts and keeping dust levels lower.
    2. Turn on the fan, using the ‘fan only’ option on your thermostat. This keeps the debris you are brushing and banging on moving, so it does not reattach.
    3. Ensure your old filter is in place. Let it work to remove all of the crud you are going to be dislodging.
    4. By knocking on any uncovered ducting (within the basement or wherever else you discover it) to dislodge attached dirt and dust there. This helps split up any deposits and will get them relocating the direction you would like them to visit.
    5. Start to clean the registers you've covered. Remove one, strip the towel off and vacuum the grate. Holding the vacuum hose closed, lift the register and enter in the duct so far as your brush or handle allows, brushing along the way, then run the hose lower so far as possible. The concept would be to capture everything being released the duct before it will get in to the home airspace. The fan you switched on is pushing stuff to you so be cautious and thorough.
    6. Do the same thing with any floor registers.
    7. The return air registers are usually mounted on the walls and are dirtier than the others, but should be treated the same way.
    8. Shutoff the furnace and the fan.Be sure to use the main switch on the unit and not just the one on the thermostat panel, as that one does not turn off the power supply to the unit.
    9. The blower compartment and return air boot should be cleaned next. You can open the door because the power is turned off. Vacuum out this compartment, getting into all of the nooks and crannies. The fan blades also need to be vacuumed and carefully wiped down. There will be a lot of dust in this area though, so be thorough and cautious.
    10. Putting a new filter within the unit will finish the task. Purchasing a more effective filter may also help keep your ducting as well as your house just a little cleaner, so consider searching into one type for the model. Remember, efficiency inside a hvac system depends upon ventilation. Don't get a filter that restricts the environment an excessive amount of.

    Additional Tips

    There will be many areas that you will not be able to get into, simply because of the restrictions on your equipment and experience. However, there are a few other things you can do to get a little further ‘in there’:

    • Most regular duct runs have ‘end caps’ in it. These can be taken off after some persistence and energy. You will subsequently be capable of getting a lengthy handled brush and also the vacuum a significant way lower the size of the ducting (that's, whether it doesn’t butt facing a wall). If it's accessible, a flash light may also help see your work.
    • The basement registers can also be cleaned. By doing this extra task that some don’t feel is necessary, you can also reach a little further into the ‘main truck’ line of ducting, making more thorough cleaning possible.

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    Following these steps and tips can assist you to do routine cleaning of ductwork and take action efficiently. However, for any more thorough job, calling an expert wonderful their gear and experience, is suggested regularly, to make sure proper upkeep of ductwork.

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